Cancellous Bone Screw 3.5mm short threaded

Cancellous screws are orthopedic implants designed for use in softer, spongy bone tissue. These screws provide secure fixation in areas like the hip and spine, supporting bone healing and stability.

Cat. No. Length
204.210 10mm
204.212 12mm
204.214 14mm
204.216 16mm
204.218 18mm
204.220 20mm
204.222 22mm
204.224 24mm
204.226 26mm
204.838 28mm
204.230 30mm
204.232 32mm
204.235 35mm
204.240 40mm
Thread diameter: 3.5mm
Drill bit for threaded hole: 2.7mm
Shaft Diameter: 3.0mm
Core diameter: 2.4mm
Head diameter: 6.0mm
Hexagonal Socket: 2.8mm


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