Cortex Screw 3.5mm

Cortex screws are specialized orthopedic implants used to secure bone fragments in the cortex, promoting stability and aiding in the healing process. These screws play a crucial role in orthopedic surgeries.

Cat. No. Length
204.010 10mm
204.012 12mm
204.014 14mm
204.016 16mm
204.018 18mm
204.020 20mm
204.022 22mm
204.024 24mm
204.026 26mm
204.028 28mm
204.030 30mm
204.032 32mm
204.034 34mm
204.036 36mm
204.038 38mm
204.040 40mm
For fractures of the phalanges, metacarpal and wrist bones and for arthrodesis of the interphalangeal joints.
Thread diameter: 3.5mm
Drill bit for threaded hole: 2.5mm
Drill bit for gliding hole: 3.5mm
Core diameter: 2.4mm
Head diameter: 6.0mm

Hexagonal socket width: 2.5mm


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